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Catholic Board Memeber Fired for Intolerance

This is what the future looks like.

A Catholic man served on the board of the Metro transit system in DC. On his own time, he regularly appears on a local TV political round table show. He has done this for 12 years. But the other day on the show he referred to homosexuals as "deviant." The axe came down soon thereafter.

It is true that the free speech rights of public employees can be limited, but this action strikes me as absurd. His speech was not hateful or threatening. He merely stated his opinion, one held by millions nationwide. Do all public employees have to leave their dissenting views at the door when they accept a position?

The next step, of course, is to apply this logic to actions that are apparent even if words are not. The man here is a Catholic, and that ought to be enough. Doesn't the Church also consider homosexuality deviant? Even if our poor board member had never said anything, his guilt is clear. Catholics need not apply, apparently, for government work.

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