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Fr. Robert Altier Assigned to Hastings Nursing Home

Fr. Robert Altier, a vocal opponent of the safe environments programs in the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has been reassigned as a chaplain at a nursing home in the rural part of the diocese, Hastings to be exact. Read more. Something is definitely fishy about this, but no word what's up.

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Fr. Welzbacher will be leaving St. Agnes too, and a new pastor is on the way to St. Agnes. I don't know if the new pastor has been announced publicly yet, but in my opinion it will be a pretty good fit.

The blogosphere is exploding with indignation about Fr. Altier's "removal," but from what I understand, the conversation between Altier and Flynn was simple and not-so-juicy.

Flynn asked if he would be willing to take the assignment.
Altier asked if that was what the archbishop wanted.
Flynn said yes.
Altier said, "then my answer is yes."

Why does holiness have to be so un-spectacular? Darn.



You miss the point. The conversation should never have been started by the Archbishop in the first place. Fr. Altier's ability to accept exile in a spirit of obedience does not mitigate the outrageousness of the action.

I have a suggestion for the layity of the Archdiocese of Mpls St. Paul: Call the office of the archdiocese and explain that you are withdrawing any outstanding pledge contributions to the annual appeal and that no further contributions will be forthcoming. If you want the Archbishop's attention, I now believe this is the only way to get it. I will be doing this first thing Monday.



I don't see the evidence for "exile" by the bishop here. What is wrong with a bishop acting like a bishop, and a priest acting like a priest? Where is the injustice in that?

The bishop's new choice of pastor and associate pastor for St. Agnes seem quite promising, and Fr. Altier will be a blessing to the people of Hastings. Nothing to get savage about, I don't think.

Stephen E. Maas:

It's no secret that Fr. Altier has been a vocal opponent of the safe environments programs in the archdiocese, and has served as chaplain for Catholic Parents OnLine, an organization that has drawn significant ire from the chancery for its newspaper ads that have exposed the archdiocese programs for the scandal that they are.

Sr. Fran Donnely has made public threats to use a 2x4 to deal with such opposition, and having experienced firsthand the underhanded ways in which the chancery has dealt with the safe environments issue thus far, I think it naive to not suspect at least some connection here.

I acknowledge there are other reasons that may be at work as well as to why Fr. Altier is not pastoring a parish (his annual predictions of the great chastisement each New Year's Eve that have still gone unfulfilled come to mind) but I don't think it is simply a matter of "it's time to move on" and I'm not persuaded that an assistant chaplain for a rural nursing home that already has a priest and a sister there was the most pressing need in the archdiocese.


I think it all comes down to this. We need to clean out the rats in the diocese. This is the kind of Bishop we need tending our flock http://www.jimmyakin.org/2006/05/extreme_diocesa.html
Don't get me wrong Archbishop Flynn is not totally to blame, I think he is great and holy, just not a good exterminator.

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