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May 11, 2006

Catholic Radio by Satellite

The Archdiocese of New York is launching a Catholic station on Sirius satellite radio.

That will make them neighbors with Howard!

City Pages Spotlights University of St. Thomas

Read about it here.

The best part of the entire article comes from a theology prof over at UST, David Landry:

In the end, Landry sees the controversy of the past months as an entree into a fundamental discussion. "For me the question is not whether we're going to be a Catholic school or not, but what kind of Catholic school we're going to be," he says. "Catholic schools across the country, they run the spectrum. There are schools like Ave Maria [where], for example, if you've ever been divorced, you can't work there. And if you get divorced, you get fired. Thomas Aquinas College in California requires all faculty and staff to make an oath of fidelity and a profession of faith at the beginning of every year. The oath of fidelity is that you'll never dissent from a single one of the Catholic Church's teachings."

At the opposite pole, he says, is Georgetown, a Jesuit university that has extended health care and other benefits to employees' domestic partners. "Georgetown, Boston College, Holy Cross, Loyola, Dayton, Marquette, San Francisco, Santa Clara—these are all schools that are on the other side of the spectrum," says Landry. "And my argument was, if you think about those schools, where's the quality, where's the reputation? St. Thomas says it wants to have a national reputation. Well, Marquette has a national reputation, and Boston College does, and Georgetown. Ave Maria and Steubenville and St. Thomas Aquinas College, they don't and they never will because of their rigidity and their insistence on this sort of pure enclave mentality.

If you want to be popular, be heretical. So that's what they teach in the UST theology department!

Fr. Robert Altier Assigned to Hastings Nursing Home

Fr. Robert Altier, a vocal opponent of the safe environments programs in the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has been reassigned as a chaplain at a nursing home in the rural part of the diocese, Hastings to be exact. Read more. Something is definitely fishy about this, but no word what's up.

May 24, 2006

Tommie of the Year Takes Classmates to Task

A speech by 4.0 Tommie of the Year seminarian Ben Kessler at the University of St. Thomas graduation ceremony this past Saturday is making waves. Kessler exhorted his classmates to reject selfish acts like birth control, and to empty themselves for the good of the community. Kessler's support of the university's new travel policy and critique of birth control drew boohs and a few walk outs. You can read about it here or watch/view it here.

May 26, 2006

Catholic Radio Wake Up Call

KTIS, the local Christian radio station in Minneapolis/St. Paul put its Catholic counterpart Relevant Radio AM 1330 to shame, pulling in a No. 2 overall drive time ranking with the 25-54 demographic and a No. 5 overall ranking in the 16th largest market in the US:

Critics sometimes charge that KTIS isn't "religious" enough, says Engen. "But I tell them what we do is family talk. Christian families don't pray all the time; they laugh and cry together. That's what we do. The gospel is for all ages. It might be your 3-year-old and your 80-year-old mother there listening with you, but generally everyone will be smiling, singing, dancing."

Word on the street is Relevant Radio doesn't even pay attention to ratings.

KTIS's success clearly demonstrates that "religious" stations can be highly relevant (no pun intended) and truly reach out to the masses, if they produce top quality programming.

Catholic radio stations take note, endless call ins from home schooling moms about discipline problems do not constitute top quality programming even in the eyes of the faithful, muchless the faithless. And while Greg and Lisa Popcak may write good books, we all already know the answers to everything are in Chapter 3, and thus could do without the repetitive infomercials for their books.

When the best thing on Catholic radio is encore presentations of a bishop's TV show from over 30 years ago, it's time to admit we have a programming problem and do something about it.

How about surpassing KTIS in eight years as a goal.

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