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McCarrick Misses the Mark on Marriage

An interesting tidbit from a friend of mine in D.C.

Cardinal McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington, writes a column each week in the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Standard. On March 30, 2006, his column was about what a good job he's doing on vocations. His article included this:

"Some folks think that I don't emphasize marriage or lay vocations enough. If that is true, and I hope it is not, the reason would be clear. There is not a crisis in the shortage of people entering lay
vocations, nor, thank God, in entering marriage. In so many parts of the world, a priest and religious vocation shortage troubles the Church. Perhaps more than anything it is a result of smaller families
since parents with only one child understandably hesitate to encourage him to be a priest or her to be a religious sister . . . ."

I am sending this e-mail to you because I believe you can see the fallacy in the Cardinal's argument. True, lots of people get married. But how many people follow the Church's teachings on marriage? How many Catholics get divorced, and how many annulments are granted on the assumption that people had no idea what Catholic marriage actually entails? I don't have exact statistics, but I believe there is in fact a terrible crisis in the shortage of people entering the Catholic vocation of marriage.

Ironically, in the second half of the quote the Cardinal all but admits that the reason there is a shortage of priestly and religious vocations is because there is a terrible shortage of Catholic families
having babies.

The hierarchy in this country seems to be totally blind to the terrible "vocations crisis" of marriage in this country. That blindness has never been more clearly stated than in Cardinal McCarrick's column this week. I call on each of you who receives this e-mail to send Cardinal McCarrick a brief, heartfelt letter. Then send this e-mail on to all your Catholic friends--even friends outside the Archdiocese of Washington. We need to do something to wake up our bishops and call them to defend and support the vocation of marriage. And all of you in other dioceses, send letters to your bishops too.
Quote Cardinal McCarrick and say how terrible you think it is that our dear bishops are not making the connections, not appreciating the terrible vocations crisis in our country, the desperate need in our
parishes to hear the Gospel of Life proclaimed.

Cardinal McCarrick's address:
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260

I know it's hard to begin. But just cut that quote from above, paste it into a Word document, write a few heartfelt words, print it out, and drop it in the mail. And pass this e-mail on. The bishops are so
caught up in their own world of priests and old people that they will never stop to think about this unless we as lay people make clear that it is important.

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