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If Only Catholic Were So Zealous...

There are over 142,000 people signed up over at www.ya-mohammed.com protesting the Islamic cartoon that ran back in September.

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". . . A group of corrupt politicians in today’s world, who are followers of lunatic decisions of voracious capitalists, tend to put the world into war and terrorism. In this way they would be able to keep on their diabolic power and protect their interests.

These are the terrorists who have shed blood of innocent people wherever they stepped in the world, and made rivers of blood flowed all over the lands. The human history has been maculated by them so many times.

Now, that with the vigilance of people in the world, there is a wave of disgust from the politicians who would like to start battles. These pro-battle politicians have decided to repeat the Crusade wars establishing religion and faith-related challenges. This might lead them to sink the world into the darkness of fear and violence.

That's 142,000+ who believe in this kind of garbage.

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