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Adopt A Rabit

Perhaps it's a testament to my ignorance, but I just found out today that you can adopt a rabit for $75 dollars.

Now there are some restrictions:

- A completed application.
- An initial interview, usually via telephone, with our Adoption Coordinator.
- All adult members of the household must agree to the adoption.
- Any current rabbits must be spayed/neutered unless the rabbit is not sexually mature yet or your vet will state that there is a medical reason that the rabbit should not undergo surgery.
- Any other pets must be safe for the rabbit (well trained, separate housing, or similar).
- Any minor children must be mature enough to interact appropriately with the rabbit.
- The adopted rabbit must have adequate run time in the new home.
- In some cases, a home visit may be scheduled.
- If you are interested in bonding the new rabbit to a current rabbit, at least two "dates" are required, one of which will be in your home.
- If the adopter rents, a letter from their landlord will be required at the time of adoption.

A home visit to adopt a rabbit? But it gets better. To make sure you don't every get separated from your Easter bunny, they even implant them with a scannable microchip.

Of course you'll want to provide everything for your rabbit, including a companion which brings us to...

Bunny Dates - MCRS (Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society) also offers "dating" services to help match your current rabbit with an appropriate companion. Since rabbits are naturally social, they often do better with a companion than being single. The rabbits are able to provide continuous companionship, even during those times the humans have to work, etc. Please note your rabbit needs to be sterilized to begin the "dating" process.

Hmm... forced sterilization prior to dating? Sounds kinda human doesn't it!

You learn something every day.

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