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Two Bishops Laud South Dakota Abortion Ban

Reasonable minds may disagree about the efficacy and wisdom of this law, but now it is on the books. The two local bishops have spoken up in support of at least the spirit of the thing. Where are the rest?

"Regardless of court rulings and laws, we must be ardent in our efforts to transform the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens. All people must recognize human life is a gift," Bishop Samuel J Aquila of Fargo, ND said.

Wouldn’t that obviously include verbal support for this law, even if it is doomed to a quick judicial death? Wouldn’t it also obviously mean refusing communion to pro-abortion politicians? The culture of death won the day long ago by ceaselessly and forcefully asserting its values in the public square, silencing other voices. American bishops were either corrupted or drowned out long ago. Ceremonially uttering the words “culture of life” with furrowed brows and solemn voice will not cut it. Notable silence equates to approval.

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