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Sex Scandal Parts II, III & IV

The sexual morality divide in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis runs deep. I often trace it back to the public dissent to Humanae vitae, resignation, laicization, and subsequent marriage of the local Bishop James Shannon in 1969. Ironically, he was also the first president of the UCCB when it was formed after the Vatican II Council. But enough of the history, on to the scandal.

In addition to the mounting opposition to the safe environments programs, there are two new developments worth mentioning in the sexual realm.

First, apparently 27 priests of the archdiocese sent a petition to the Archbishop calling his support for a marriage ammendment a source of scandal. Apparently upholding Church teaching is highly problematic and perhaps a bit unwelcoming.

Now, there is another group the plans to out three priests come Holy Week, including Vicar General, Rev. Kevin McDonough, if they don't voluntarily resign:

A public meeting in St. Paul of the docsociety will be held in Holy Week. The theme of the meeting and Mass will be: Remember, Repent, Reconcile. We have personally asked three clergymen to resign because of their roles in furthering the culture of deceit in the Archdiocese of St Paul. At that meeting we will publicly tell the sordid tale of this diocese’s chancery and seminary culture that has allowed a well known homosexual predator in authority at our Catholic orphanage as well as homosexual dissidents in teaching positions in our seminary colleges, parishes, and high schools. We will publish a document for the meeting and invite public discussion in the secular and catholic media to help shine a light on the deceitful and fractured priesthood of this diocese that spawned the murderer of Dan O’Connell.

And as if that weren't enough, the local Catholic University is under fire from its own faculty for not allowing unmarried faculty members (homosexual partners) to room together on student trips. 130 faculty members signed petitions in opposition to the policy, and students are wearing armbands on campus in protest.

Who says history doesn't repeat itself?

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And so we see the fruit of "patience" as practiced by so many with authority in the Church. Your occasional Lefebverite heretic can be ignored and left to a safe anonimity once his error has been pointed out. But these apologists for homosexual lifestyles and abortion spread like cancer. They are nutured by secular culture. The only way to save the healthy cells in the mystical body of Christ is to remove the tumors. Pastros have to correct the laity. Bishops have to correct their priests. Rome has to correct bishops, be they openly disobedient or merely tentative.

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