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Collapse of American Public Education: Exhibit #7686086

This story made the rounds over the last couple of days. It seems a public school geography teacher subjected his high school students to a “Bush is Hitler” tirade. An ambitious student taped part of the lecture and took it to local radio station. In the aftermath, the teacher was on the “Today” show and also put on paid leave while the school deals with it. "My job as a teacher is to challenge students to think critically about issues that are affecting our world and our society," quoth the indoctrinator. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound like my job as a teacher.

Frankly, I thought holding the “Bush is Hitler” position was a mandatory article of faith in most public schools and such a speech would get a teacher named employee of the month (if such designation were not inherently discriminatory). But the fact that this guy may or not be a lunatic fringe liberal is beside the point.

Since when does geography include such political opinions? Modern educational trends are thick with this shallow talk of “critical thinking” and “challenges,” but isn’t basic literacy a necessary prerequisite to either? Even the Orwellian graduation requirements issued by the state of Colorado do not include such platitudes. According to the state, geography course content includes what rational people might expect; use of maps and other resources, studies of the shape, size and forces of the earth, patterns of human populations, etc. Basically, it’s a question of competency to engage in a meaningful discussion. Just the kind of competency that is manifestly missing from any moron that would compare Bush (or Clinton or FDR) to Hitler.

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