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Institutions of Higher Indoctrination

An intersting case over at the "progressive" University of California.

Apparently, they are refusing to recognize course work of students from Calvary Chapel Christian School because of the religious overtones of their course work:

High-school students, whether in California or in other states, who wish to attend one of the University of California's 10 campuses are required to take a minimum number of courses approved by the university system.

To obtain that approval, both public and private schools in California must file an application that describes the teaching materials used in each course. Instructions published by the university encourage high schools to "emphasize core knowledge and skills" in their curricula, and to "design courses that are academically challenging."

According to the complaint filed by the plaintiffs, the university began notifying Christian schools in January 2004 that it would no longer approve biology and physics courses that use textbooks published by either Bob Jones University Press or A Beka Book because of "the way in which these texts address the topics of evolution and creationism."

Later that year, Calvary Chapel officials submitted three nonscience courses — "Christianity and Morality in American Literature," "Christianity's Influence on American History," and "Special Providence: American Government" — to the University of California for approval. The university rejected each of the courses.

In a July 2005 letter to Calvary Chapel explaining their decision, university officials wrote that the literature course, for instance, had "an interesting reading list" but did "not offer a nonbiased approach to the subject matter."

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