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Now Showing on HBO: The Legitimization of Polygamy

As may have been mentioned in this space occasionally, the cultural battles over homosexual marriage have been lost. Untethered liberals, lacking both creed and conscience, have settled into a state of permanent cultural warfare akin to the old Trotsky communist slogan of “perpetual revolution.” Lest I be accused of slandering good communists, it should be pointed out in their defense that they did indeed cling to a creed of sorts, however utopian and irrational it might have been.

Less than two years ago, the debate over homosexual marriage raged. Many conservatives made the irrefutable though ironically ineffective argument that to split the societal atom of marriage for any purpose was to unleash forces we were unlikely to control. If two women can “marry,” why not two women and a man? Why not formal polygamy? But such reductio ad absurdum refutations assume a creed. Lacking one, liberals are immune to such arguments. Two years ago advocates of homosexual marriage heard the polygamy argument and reviled conservatives, righteously indignant that anyone would dare equate the natural good of homosexuality with the unnatural perversion of polygamy.

Today, we read here of a new HBO series about a normal, devout Christian family that just happens to be a polygamous one. Newsweek is fawning, and the rest of the mainstream press will soon follow suit. HBO plans to run the show in the timeslot right after their popular “Sopranos” show for maximum exposure. What happened to the offensive disapprobation for polygamy? That was last year.

The lack of a creed indicates a lack of principles. Without principles, there is no way to argue because the basis of rational thought itself is gone. The postmodern left does not even possess its own animus, let alone a creed. The only concept that resonates is “freedom,” but they are unable to define that concept except in terms of agitation against limits set by others’ principled arguments. There were no advocates of polygamy on the political left until quite recently when someone on the right expressed the view, based upon principles and long experience, that polygamy was immoral and therefore a societal evil. No doubt polygamy advocates will cry oppression and a sympathetic court will borrow the bizarre logic enshrined in Lawrence: there have never really been statutes against homosexual activity in the past, so writing them now is an oppressive innovation. Of course, creeds exist to remind the faithful of fundamental concepts, and principled disapproval of homosexual behavior as well as polygamy have been explicit in the Christian political and moral experience from the beginning, and indeed extends far back into the ancient world. In short, there have been few laws against polygamy because its destructiveness was obvious until very recently.

That is soon to change. There are already lawsuits slithering through various state courts challenging polygamy laws. Now Hollywood has opened the usual second front. Sadly, the result can be imagined. The only question to ponder is what affliction will next be legitimized. Incest? Cloning? Marriage to non-humans? Stay tuned. Until the crushing pincers of mass pop culture on the one hand and the sovereign judiciary on the other are wrested from the left, the plagues will continue and intensify.

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