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Behold the Power of the Blogospere: American Girls Backs Away From Culture of Death

As reported on this blog and elsewhere back in November, the American Girl doll company went over to the dark side by aligning themselves with an organization that promotes promiscuity, abortion and homosexuality. The waves of riteous indignation made their way through the blogosphere with mailing campaigns and calls for a Christmas embargo of American Girl merchandise.

Now, Danielle Bean picks up the rest of the story. American Girl has ended its relationship with the nefarious organization and instead initiated a new campaign aimed at preserving the wholesomeness that was directly attacked by its partnership back in November. Read about it here.

No one should mistake this change in direction for a reformation of corporate culture. The reasons behind American Girl’s change of heart are financial. They have a vested interest in little girls remaining little. And no doubt they felt the financial loss this Christmas when parents took their dollars elsewhere. The corporate heart is as dark as ever.

However, this episode shows the power of the morally spent dollar. Reclaiming our culture is not only a matter of converting hearts and minds individually. It is also about leveraging collective strength. Much of the sickness out there has our tacit consent. The looney left appropriated mainstream culture by placing their own in places of power in the academy and the media and then introducing new concepts that found their way, like sewage, downstream and greatly diffused. Reclamation will occur in reverse. When people who care about modesty stop buying miniskirts for their twelve year old girls, the clothing industry will stop making them and put better stuff on the shelves. There can be no doubt that Mel Gibson’s film of the Passion accomplished this in Hollywood, and the new Narnia films are a direct result of audiences passing on films that do not reflect their values and flocking to one that does. There is no reason concerned citizens cannot affect similar changes in other spheres, and serious discussion and communication will quicken the economic counterstrike so long overdue.

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