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Washington Supreme Court: Homosexuals Can Sue as “De Facto Parents”

Another blow was struck against marriage and family life today when the Washington Supreme Court elevated non-biological homosexuals to the same status as traditional parents for purposes asserting rights. Read about here. The court explicitly invented a brand new class of parent in order to advance their political agenda. Of course, the most Orwellian aspect is the court’s claim that this is all done in the interest of the child. Funny that the state legislature didn’t think so when it passed the Uniform Parentage Law which defined the parameters of parenthood as defined by the majority.

Another aspect of this travesty is the assumption that all arrangements of sexually active adults are equal, even when children are involved. Here we had two lesbians, one of whom is artificially inseminated and gives birth. To the surprise of no one, the relationship does not last. She ended the lesbian relationship and ended up marrying the biological father. She then sought to protect the child from the former partner. From the bare fact, it sounds as though the mother reformed, and by any metric her child and she herself are better off. But there is no such thing as reform when there is no such thing as wrong.

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