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The Case for a Catholic ID Card

Every so often I wish the boundaries circumscribed around the Church were a little more clearly defined. Take for example the case of "Bishop" Bordisso.

Is he a Catholic bishop or isn't he? The secular press figures the best approach is to ask him, which leads to confusing reporting like this:

Father Bordisso was consecrated as bishop for the Old Catholic Diocese of California. The title bestowed on him at Grace North Church in Berkeley marks Bordisso as the spiritual and administrative leader of the unique offshoot of the church known as the American Catholic Church.

Recognized as a valid but "irregular" branch of the Catholic Church, the church does not necessarily follow the edicts of Rome nor does it accept the concept that the Pope is infallible.

It also tends to be far more liberal, welcoming all people into the ranks of the clergy including women, homosexuals, bisexuals and married people.

"We don't see sexuality as a barrier to be overcome as much as a gift from God to be celebrated," Bordisso said.

Ah, a kinder gentler Catholic church, that is still nonetheless valid. It's the option so many have bene looking for.

Of course the technical meaning of the term valid is far different from the common understanding, and even then, while Bordisso may claim validity, that doesn't necessarily make it so, but I can appreciate a journalists conundrum. Who do you listen to? The guy who claims he's a Catholic bishop, or those who claim he isn't? How would a fact checker check? And what does validity have to do with it?

Like I said, time for the ID cards. Heck, they would even fit in well with the new U.S. Bishop's Viritus program. Background checks could be mandatory prior to issuance. We could track reception of the sacraments to help determine whether folks like Miers were raised Catholic. They could even be used to ensure quick entry to papal events.

Are you a card carrying member of the Catholic Church?

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