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Pregnancy is Worse than Death

You probably heard about the recent reports that a dozen women died in 2004 due to their usage of the birth control patch. But the most curious part of all this in my mind was a comment by a doctor in the CNN story.

"If the patch is delivering too much estrogen, then it may need to be redesigned," Miller said. "Women should not just take off their patch; they risk pregnancy. If they are worried and want to change off the patch, they can wait to get something else."

Hmm, you'd think that pregnancy just kinda happened out of the blue. But even if it did, given the choice between blood clots and pregnancy, I'd take the pregnancy any day.

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One might assume that abstinence or pregnancy would be preferable to blood clots, cancer or whatever else a patch or a pill might bring. This is one of those things that so-called feminists should be making a stink about (the fact that it is upon the woman to wear or take some kind of anti-pregnancy measure and that risks come along with it).

Somehow, though, they remain silent. A woman shall be able to kill a baby and/or herself under the guise of "choice." Weird. Talk about a steep price for some recreational intercourse.

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