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Biometric Big Brother at the Grocery Store

I went to my local Cub Foods the other day, one of the local big box grocery stores here in town, to do some shopping and was greeted with ballons, streamers, and a kiosk, not to welcome my return after a long hiatus, but rather to promote their new biometric payment system.

Apparently you visit one of the balloon-decorated kiosks to provide your fingerprint and payment information, and then come checkout time you place your finger on the new fingeprint scanner, decide which of your previously setup payment methods you want to use, and away you go.

The thing I can't figure out is what's in it for Cub, except that in the case of fraud, they have your prints. And I'm sure local law enforcement will be able to subpoena all that info when they can provide some compelling reason why they need it to protect us from terrorists, but something about seems a bit odd.

I guess the beauty of Big Brother is that he isn't forced upon us, but that we choose him time and again as a matter of convenience.

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Mission Impossible comes to Cub Foods. Pretty soon they'll be marketing us in billboards, posters, over audio systems, all through a scan of biometrics. O brave new world, that has such consumers in it.

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