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Be Careful What You Complement

The recent film Therese has just been released on DVD with Spanish subtitles. I didn't think much of it when it came out, and stand by that original assessment.

An emerging problem is that everyone who was gushing about the film before it came out make us look like fools now that it has been released. Check out this quote from the latest press release:

the first-ever feature length film to receive an official Vatican endorsement before its theatrical release. Critics have called the film “sensitive and humorous” “a lesson in inspiration” “a beautiful two hour retreat from the world” and “a tremendous cinematic achievement.”

The film had a good scene or two, but the fact it received a Vatican endorsement is not a fact we should be proud to mention. Overall it was poorly done, and calling it great is an insult to artists everywhere. I recently watched the French version of Therese and found it far more compelling (as did most critics, including those at Cannes who gave it the Jury Prize).

I'd take a quality film about the true, good and beautiful over a Vatican endorsement any day!

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Amen! And I think Barbara Nicolosi would agree. Have you seen her latest article on Godspy?

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