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Nobel Prize Awarded for Abject Failure with Correct Politics

It says here that the Nobel Prize for Peace has been awarded to Mohamed El Baradei and the pathetic International Atomic Energy Agency for which he is responsible. The good folks at the Nobel committee wanted to send a message.
"This is a message to all the people of the world: Do what you can to get rid of nuclear weapons," Nobel committee chairman Ole Danbolt Mjoes said. "The people's power is formidable."
Specifically, the committee wants to applaud the work of El Baradei and the IAEA for what they have tried to do with regard to Iran and North Korea. But isn’t Iran still building its nukes in open defiance of the International Non-Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA? Isn’t North Korea still armed and dangerous, having only mouthed meaningless concessions without allowing IAEA inspectors back in?

The only decisive action the IAEA has taken is to thumb its nose at Washington, and this is the only real accomplishment being praised. The IAEA has no principled argument against nuclear proliferation. Its existence itself is absurd. If the UN had its way, every banana republic on earth would have a reactor for power as well as weapons, preferably aimed at the US. The fact that the vast majority of these countries are politically unstable, morally questionable, intellectually porous and lack any infrastructure for dealing with nuclear waste or a nuclear accident is not discussed. Shall we give the Nobel prize for medicine to the cancer research team that has tirelessly worked to cure cancer by wrapping patients in sliced salami and reciting dirty jokes in Gaelic? After all, they worked hard toward a good goal.

The IAEA has done nothing to get rid of nuclear weapons. Indeed, its policies (or lack thereof) have made the world less safe. This award is the culmination of a decline of the Nobel committee to an abject state similar to leftist parties in the US and Europe. They have no policies or platforms other than blind opposition to the well-reasoned positions of their political adversaries.

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