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Our German Shepard Makes the Rounds

Pope Benedict’s service so far has been crowned with many beautiful remarks given to and for the faithful. His tone, more mellow than the one used in his previous office, is perfectly suited to his role as the heir to St. Peter. There has been, however, a faint lament that our German Shepard has not yet allowed his growl to be heard in those places where the flock has run amuck. Recently there have been signs that the Holy Father has begun to exert his authority directly on the Church leadership in a way that John Paul II chose not to.

First, Benedict signed off on a strong declaration forbidding seminaries to admit homosexuals, even if they are celibate. The formal instruction to seminaries appears to acknowledge homosexuality as a serious disorder that requires wariness, not unlike alcoholism or a gambling addiction. The remark was delivered in the context of announcing the agenda for Vatican visitations to American seminaries. For anyone who suffered through the sex scandals and the attendant MSM smear campaign, this news is welcome. The sex scandals were largely the result of open homosexual activities. Uttering that truth in the US will get a guy shot at dawn. To hear the truth so powerfully spoken from Rome in our interest is bracing.

Also, it was reported today that Benedict had some firm words for new bishops. He stressed the use of the Catechism in fulfilling the duties of teaching the faith. An obvious point, perhaps, but what percentage of local homilies call upon that document? More directly, Benedict reminded these new bishops that “the way the bishop celebrates the Mass nourishes the faith and devotion of his priests and faithful.” Also, he reminded them that they had a serious oblication to ensure “a worthy and decorous celebration of the Eucharist and for promoting eucharistic devotion.” Let’s hope the Holy Father can impress these and other important point on all bishops everywhere.

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