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The Church That Tom Built

Ave Maria University unveiled plans today for the new "Oratory" (that's the church for you non Latin scholars) that will be the focal point of the main plaza in their new Catholic town.

Rising 100 feet in the air, with capacity for 1,100, the church is definitely unique. According to interim town mayor Tom "Domino" Monaghan:

“The Oratory’s central location is meant to serve as a visible symbol that the Church and her liturgies are to be at the core of the life of the university,” said Chancellor of Ave Maria University, Thomas S. Monaghan.  “The architectural design of the Oratory was initially inspired by Fay Jones’ famous Thorncrown Chapel, which I’ve always admired.  Since its early stages, both the materials and various design elements have gradually evolved to their current form.”

I think it looks like a papal mitre. You can check out more pictures here and decide for yourself. Definitley an incarnational approach to their respect for the papacy!

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Your mitre reference redeemed it for me. I kept thinking it looked like a tripod from War of the Worlds...

It does look like a series of laminated rocket-ship cardboard cutouts--the Iglesia Ni Christo cult in the Philippines have built their churches for easier lift-off since they believe that it is the church building that is going up when the Lord returns...heaven help you if you are out planting rice to feed your family when it goes up...you won't.

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