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Gonzalez Would Be A Bad, Bad Move

I'm getting lots of conflicting reports about Bush's potential Supreme Court nominee. But it sounds a lot like Bush still wants to nominate Gonzalez. I realize that on this blog I'm the least politically and legally savvy, but I have to say that if Bush nominates him, the party is really over. Without the pro-life issues, the Republicans are, quite frankly, toast. Not because Evangelicals and serious Catholics are going to start voting for the Dems, but because they are not going to be voting for the Republicans. Just as the Dems took blacks, hispanics, and blue-collar people for granted and started losing them, Bush and the Republicans sometimes seem to take us for granted. Failure to enforce the Born Alive Act, Bush and Santorum supporting Specter against Pat Toomey, and various other acts of cowardice and politicking are starting to irk me.

Now's the time to use your political capital, Mr. President.


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Jason A.:

Um, Yes. There are a lot of us who spent a lot of time convincing moderate and fence-sitting pro-lifers to vote for Bush in the last election. It's all about abortion.

If he nominates Gonzales, there will be an implosion of the current GOP coalition. Although, I'm not sure the GOP loses all that much from getting rid of us crazies. Frankly, I think a large chunk of the evangelicals will stick with the GOP because many are Republicans first when it comes to the ballot box. I do think Gonzales will pull in the Hispanic vote and please the business community, as well as appearing more "moderate" to the public in the face of the "evil party" (Democrats) and all of us grand inquisitors of the Christian Right who are just waiting to impose our Da Vinci Code fabricated faith and our mean morals on them. Like, you know, we won't purposely starve you to death if you are incapacitated and can't speak for yourself. Real mean stuff--you know?

A pox on both their houses if this goes through.

A few aspects I didn't mention--Gonzalez is not an originalist by any means, doesn't support second amendment rights, and is still vulnerable for all the torture stuff. A bad move all the way around, I say.

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