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The Mainstreaming of Porn As We Know It

It used to be the case that pornography was frowned upon, and relegated to "red-light districts" but the entire internet itself is now a red light district. For example, here are the top ten searched terms according to a service I work with for web site optimization:

3. The top 200 long-term keyword report

Our current database contains 373,636,378 search terms
and represents the complete queries from the largest
metacrawlers on the web (Metacrawler/Dogpile etc.) for the
last 60 days (2 months).

Nos. Count Keyword
1 302993 sex
2 234751 porn
3 213259 paris hilton
4 174106 pussy
5 155497 google
6 142213 milf
7 124016 yahoo
8 121680 hentai
9 121086 ebay
10 119760 free porn

And now, the ICANN (the people who bring you .com .net and .org) is going to add a new .xxx extension to give porn sites a home of their own on the web.

The claim is this will create a separate space for porn sites, making them easier to filter out, but my guess is it is also a chance to provide a whole new bumper crop of available domains to bloster the already booming web porn business.

Culture of life evangelists may want to gobble up some of these domain names when they become available and redirect them to places like theseventhage.com!


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Sounds like teenwire.xxx should be acquired asap.

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