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Swimming with Scapulars

... is the title of a great new book out from Loyola Press. It is a candid look at the life and challenges of a young, orthodox Catholic man in America today. The author, Matthew Lickona, might be described by some as one of the "new faithful."

Lots is beginning to be written about this book, but Lickona did a great interviw with Godspy.com that captures the gist of his writings. Here is an excerpt:

"Personally, if I were not a member of the New Faithful—if by that you mean a person interested in connecting with tradition and conforming to the truths proclaimed by the Church—I can't see why I would be a Catholic. If I didn't think the Church had the power to teach authoritatively in matters of faith and morals, if I didn't think those teachings were ordered to my spiritual well being and, ultimately, my salvation, I don't know why I would stay. But as it is, I think that the Catholic Church has the best grasp of the fullness of truth, so I'm all in, even if some of the teachings prove difficult to understand or obey. And perhaps most importantly, the Church has the Eucharist.

"I do know that at least some of the New Faithful are breeding. I was at a wedding a while back—the 17th of 17 children was getting married, and there must have been over 100 grandkids running around the reception. A friend of mine—the 16th—was best man, and he said during his toast, "Keep it going—we'll win by attrition." I think it's telling that there were so many grandkids. The children who grew up in that family of 17 kids didn't reject the culture their parents created. They carried it on. Granted, that's an exceptional case in terms of sheer numbers, but the pattern isn't unique. And if parents succeed in passing on the tradition they've inherited and preserved—a tradition that is friendly toward having children—then we're going to have a whole bunch of New Faithful in the years to come."


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