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Microsoft's Tyranny Chic

The Microsoft Corporation, sensing that other elements of the Western cultural and corporate world are vying hard to be at the forefront to usher in the reign of evil and Antichrist, have decided to team up with the communist, thug leadership of China to suppress movements of democratic reform. All web-browsers supplied by Microsoft, as well as operating software will be programmed to thwart users from searching for terms that might be dangerous to the government, like, you know, um, freedom.

What the article doesn't mention, is that terms such as "Christian," "Jesus," and especially "Pope" and "Catholic Church" will most surely be suppressed.

It wasn't enough for ol' Bill to sell out to Moloch and donate gobs to Planned Parenthood. His evil quotient just went unfulfilled for two long. Isn't there something our government should be doing about this, or is this what counts as "free trade?" Imagine if Microsoft put anti-porn censors on its browsers in this country, with warnings like "this will make you completely dysfunctional, and teach you to objectify and use others." People would have a conniption. Such is the state of things.


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It troubling, isn't it, that what America does best is generate revenue. No matter what Microsoft does in any arena, it will tilt that arena significantly. Leaving aside Gates' own fortune, his company operates like wartime Switzerland, selling to any side that pays cash regardless of morality. MS sells different versions of Windows to India and Pakistan, each with Kashmir reflected as they each wish. MS would donate Windows to North Korea so they could better build missles and then sell specially configured Windows to South Korea for missle defense. When is it enough? When are the cofferd considered full? When...

Oops...gotta go. My Instant messenger just popped up....

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