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Looming Supreme Court Vacancies

The following information, reported by Feddie at Southern Appeal, seems to be about the most accurate account of what looms ahead regarding the potential retirement of TWO Supreme Court justices this summer:

"Rehnquist is out. It'll happen on or about July 5 [Ed. -- but why not do it earlier so the Gang can have a 3 day weekend to mull the implications and feel out the Senate before announcing a replacement on Tuesday?!] POTUS is leaning toward Luttig.

If, however, O'Connor beats CJ to the White House (though POTUS & Co., Inc. does not expect her till Labor Day), we go with Garza first and Luttig second.

If Luttig doesn't want it, we go with John Roberts next -- Rehnquist is pushing Roberts. Roberts is a Rehnquist protege.

If O'Connor does go at Labor Day and women are not back on board GWB's bus (a current POTUS & Co., Inc. concern), he scraps Garza and goes with Edith Brown Clement, an under the radar conservative from the 5th Circuit.

If any other spot opens, he goes with (a) Gonzales or (b) a sitting United States Senator from a state that currently has a Republican governor. Oh, and there just might be a third spot opening, but not until after January 1. Your guess is as good as mine on that one. Until then people in New York and Chicago will be speculating.

Source does tell me that POTUS1 really, really, really wants Gonzales and "POTUS is POTUS" but knows the political calculus of a Gonzales nomination would be devastating to the base and to the 14 who have to either vote for a possible Souter or vote against the first Hispanic nominee and then go on and try to get re-elected next year."

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Judge Clement might not be as conservative as has been reported, at least according to Andrew from Confirm Them. His comment is well worth reading (as are those arguing the other side, IMO).

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