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John Paul II's Notes ... Preserved!

In an entry in John Paul's testament from 1979, he asked his friend and secretary Stainslauw Dzisisz, newly names Archbishop of Krakow (isn't that interesting?) to burn all of his notes and personal papers upon his death.

It turns out, the newly-minted archbishop of Krakow did no such thing, citing the "great riches" contained within.

Of course, this is all very exciting. It will be amazing to read those papers when they are edited and released. However, I am not sure that what Dzisisz did was a good idea. Those are personal reflections, and as a friend and secretary, the late Holy Father trusted him with their demise. They may contain all sorts of things that John Paul never wanted the public to see. While I trust that Dzisisz will be prudent about their editing and release, what happens when he passes on and no longer has stewardship over them? I fear that they could set off a lot of fanaticism and destructive things if released to the public. But, time will tell. I can't say I like the choice of their release.

In other news, Sandro Magister from www.chiesa has an interesting post that features the philosophy of Vladimir Soloviev, political and theological intrigue between Cardinals Biffi and Martini, and Benedict XVI, as well as reflections on the spirituality of the Antichrist. Now that is weaving a lot of threads together.

In light of some of the conclave spiritual warfare intrique surrounding the Martini-Ratzinger battle for the papacy inside the conclave, the www.chiesa post is rather interesting.


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