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I'm Baaaaack

Ah, yes, I've finally made my way back to my own blog after along absence.

Why the absence? Well, there's my promiscuous posting on other sights like Ignatius's Insight Scoop and Alvin Kimel's Pontifications. There's also the fact that I was irritated because my first two months blogging I couldn't get the links right. (And I still have no frigging clue how to do it. These damn formulas are so long.)

But mostly I've just not been on the computer very much and that's fine by me. I occasionally have twinges of guilt about the amount of time I do waste on the computer when I could be writing longer, more substantive pieces or simply reading good books by people more interesting to read than I.

But I'm going to try and comment on this blog some more since I've been getting overflow thoughts that must be posted and that you must read--and BELIEVE!

Sorry about that last bit. The blog thing makes me demagogic. Another problem with any kind of opinion writers.

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Jason A.:

Delicious! Someone to rescue our fallling ratings!

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