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Fighting for the God of Tolerance?

In a strange twist, a report today claims the Air Force Academy may be a little too religious.

Apparently some have been concerned by the amount of influence exerted by evangelical protestants at the institution.

Here is an excerpt of the CNN article:

The investigation was initiated after critics of the academy's handling of religion told Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that students, faculty, staff and members of the chaplains' office frequently pressured cadets to attend chapel and receive religious instruction.

Others said prayers were frequently conducted before official events.

Lt. Gen. Roger Brady, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for personnel, said in a news conference at the Pentagon that he found seven specific incidents that he referred to the military's chain of command for possible investigation. He did not provide details.

The Air Force report cites some incidents but does not go into details: religious slurs and disparaging remarks between cadets and statements from faculty and staff with strong religious beliefs that some cadets found offensive.

The classification of these "incidents" as problematic seems a reach at best. In this day and age anyone with strong convictions is a threat to the amorphous "totoleratarian" state.

Of course one wonders what would motivate a "non-religious" person to join the Air Force in the first place. If this life is indeed all there is no sense risking one's life in the Armed Forces.


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