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Brownback for President III

Just another reason that folks should start getting behind Sam Brownback as a presidential candidate: he is convening a hearing on Capitol Hill to review the faulty legal underpinnings of Roe v. Wade.


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"Let Sen. Brownback know you appreciate his efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade."

Memo to the good Senator: You have no power at all to overturn Roe.

Perhaps there is more to this guy, but this appears to me to be a cheap publicity stunt. Once he parades the usual suspects in front of C-Span to proclaim that Roe was a Very Bad Thing, what will he do? Will he issue a proclamation that abortion is now banned? Will he order the Court to overturn Roe? I assume that since he's an actual Senator, he has been briefed by an aide as to the basic structure and functions of government on paper and the current judicial oligarchy we now live under. He may have noticed that Congress can’t even get a ban on partial-birth abortion to stand.

Absolutely no one has any doubt that Roe was a political power move only cast as jurisprudence as a matter of decorum. Thus the lineup of prospective Bush judicial nominees. Thus the confirmation deadlock. Thus the liberal push to make health care (health of the mother) a civil right. For the FOTF guy to claim Roe’s crime is a "dirty little secret" reveals he's a political amateur. The only Senator that ought to get kudos from those who seek to protect life and marriage is the Senator that will admit he works in a political body that is subservient to the federal judiciary and admit that as it now stands Congress is powerless to effect any change or even protect the last few vestiges of a Christian civilization. The only Senator that ought to get the time of day from social conservatives is the one who is will to speak in terms of strife and struggle with the ascendant judiciary. We will know them because they will use phrases like “judicial reform” and “Congressional responsibility” and “constitutional amendment.”

If he wants to proclaim his pro-life credentials, let him tour the country speaking and writing. Do not expend yet more tax dollars on a photo-op. Enough hearings. We should all be tired of elected politicians, no matter how well intentioned, exploiting the scourge of abortion for political gain. Take meaningful action, or sit down and shut up.

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