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Which Brideshead Character are You?

Damn! I knew I'd be Bridey (Lord Brideshead). He is such a square, but blunt and usually right on. I was fearful of this outcome, but then I thought of the alternatives: an immature agnostic (Charles Ryder), a drunken man-child (Sebastian), a withering adulterer (Lord Marchmain), or a gossiping homosexual (Anthony Blanche). I then thought, SMASHING!

You are Lord Brideshead. You do your duty and do
it faithfully. People think you're dull, but
you manage to enjoy yourself.

Take the quiz.


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Oh, no! I'm Lord Marchmain! I was expecting Cordelia like anything, but no. A bon vivant, an elegant fatalist, but it's all a pose.

And this, by the way, is Mrs. N., not Mr.

Honey, you didn't know you were married to such an elegant fatalist, did you?

Don't worry. I'm not going to take up with some young dancer and spend my life in dissipation...

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