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Washington’s Gubernatorial Election Goes to Court

The extraordinary story that no one is covering enters a new phase today. In case you get your news exclusively from the MSM and are therefore in the dark, Washington’s election for governor is still in dispute. A Washington Superior Court judge will open a trial today in the matter of Borders v. King County. The case centers on claims by the Republican candidate that the margin of votes that sent his opponent to Olympia were fraudulently cast and fraudulently counted. It’s far better than fiction. We have dead people and felons voting. We have The DNC and the RNC involved. We have a complicit mainstream media. We have the labyrinth of Washington’s Democratic machine exposed and the liberal wing nuts’ desperate grasp to keep that machine operating. Finally, we have an electorate that slowly awakening to Democratic shenanigans and its own culpable disinterest in the election process.

The entire saga has been admirably chronicled throughout at the fine blog known as Sound Politics. In a better world, this guy would have a Pulitzer and the two Seattle newspapers would be holding bake sales. As it is, the public service here is heroic. The election revealed a deep fault line in Washington between the cipher Democratic Party with its shrill diversity speeches and its Pavlovian tax increases on the one hand and the growing suburban and rural population that has witnessed two successive generations of unmitigated liberal policies and now lives in the desolate aftermath. Reading the Seattle papers would lead one to think nothing is amiss, but check out Sound Politics. Their posts generate substantial comments and, like Power Line here in Minnesota, they are now officially slandered and libeled by both MSM papers. A sure sign they are doing something right. Just today, in response to a call to cancel subscriptions to the Seattle Times after yet another lame article pooh-poohing fraud claims, the site had enjoyed nearly 6000 views before 10am.

A Republican candidate won the initial ballot by a tiny fraction. He also won a machine recount that was mandated by law. On the third try, the Democratic candidate prevailed in a hand recount managed by Democrat-dominated election officials. The Democrat was installed in Olympia, and for Northwest liberals that was a reassuring affirmation because it looked for a while as though an actual conservative had won the election. One must remember that actual conservatives at the state level are museum pieces on the Left Coast. The only thing more shocking than a Republican even doing well would be if Bigfoot ran on a pro-slavery platform and won. Democrats want the Republican challenger to go away. The Republicans want a court order to mandate a new election this November. The legal battle has raged behind the scenes for months and today the Republican candidate will get his day in court.

It’s a fascinating case, and not just for those of us who are Seattle refugees. The case here is a perfect storm of poorly written, poorly enforced laws, a heated, closely-contested national party struggle and a mainstream conservative awakening to longstanding liberal domination of the process. We should all take note, because this sort of case will proliferate until election reform becomes a serious national issue. It has been nearly five years since the Supreme Court unwisely and unnecessarily stepped into the 2000 presidential election. A handful of states have toyed with electronic balloting, but the underlying laws and procedures remain today much as they were 100 years ago. It’s deeply disturbing that we are not bothered to protect the integrity of the most fundamental function of the American enterprise.


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