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Kudos to Archbishop Flynn

The Pentecost Mass at the Cathedral yesterday made national news today (Fox, Daily Cat Box Liner) after as many as 100 Rainbow Sash agitators and pin-wearing supporters were denied communion. The good news is that there was very little news to report. In this the Year of the Eucharist, the attempted politicization of the sacrament was successfully diffused. Simply protecting the Eucharist was the goal of the Archbishop’s policy. The issue of recusant homosexuals in the Church and their pandering enablers in the media is a complex one, and one that will not be resolved by any single act or policy, but yesterday the truth prevailed.

I have questioned the Archbishop’s pastoral care and administration pointedly in this space (and elsewhere). But in looking at the proliferation of adoration chapels, the renewal of the seminary, the growth of vocations and the glaring lack of priestly abuse spectacles here, it must be stated that we have a fine archbishop. What many want is not a different disposition, but a more forceful one. Archbishop Flynn has obviously given thought to this matter. He sought advice from Rome and was open to altering his policy as he heard more clearly from Rome and as he learned more about the nature of the Rainbow Sash organization. He publicized the policy and Father Sklucazek at the Cathedral and other faithful priests throughout the archdiocese implemented it. While the faithful may legitimately wonder at the tone of the ongoing dialogue with the homosexual lobby, and will certainly wonder what will be said to the disobedient priests who reportedly gave Communion to sash-wearers, it must be said that in the matter of the Rainbow Sash, Archbishop Flynn has given humble and honorable service to his flock.


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Comments (2)

But did you see today's Star Tribune? I wonder if they've twisted / truncated Flynn's message...


I'll take the clear policy. It is clearly not Flynn's style to reprimand disobedient pastors. He's just not confrontational. I'm sure he would rather have not denied the Rainbow Sash apostates communion. Last year there was no policy and the Pentecost mass was a scandal. Last year, Rainbow Sashers got communion all over the place and the faithful were left to wonder what the Archbishop was thinking.

This year there as a clear policy, and the parishes that defied their Archbishop are clearly the usual suspects. No wavering or uncertain pastor had to wonder what to do when someone wearing a sash approached. Even though he had to be publicly spanked in order to do the right thing, he did it. It is sad that Flynn can't or won't control all the pastors under his care. It is sad that the dissenters will not be punished. Its a scandal that will haunt Flyn's legacy that St. Joan's remains openly defiant and heterodox. But now there is no question, on this matter at least, of what the faithful ought to be doing.
Also, I am reminded by a friend who is far wiser and holier than I am, that Flynn is very much a John Paul II bishop. From everything I have heard, Flynn himself is not ashamed of the faith or doctrine. He himself is not wavering, unsure if the Church's teaching on homosexuality is correct, unsure if perhaps women should be ordained, unsure if a compromise might be made on abortion or divorce. He himself is true, though he cannot seem to project that with any force. If he is a little soft on those who dissent, if his patience is a little too long and his charity sometimes extends beyond what is credible, he is no worse that JPII himself. It was clear very early in JPII's pontificate that despite the vigor of his doctrinal assertions, he was not going to discipline those among his priests and bishops who had either fallen away or become openly defiant. This is the guy who issued "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" and yet took no steps to bring prominent Catholic universities into line. One wonders if the Holy Spirit's choice of Benedict is the other shoe dropping. If so, the next Archbishop of Minneapolis/St. Paul may find that his most important service is to kick butt and take names

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