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Gentlemen: Are You Completely Style-Challenged?

Stumbled across this site today, which warns that it could be "life chaning." Probably not.

However, fine men's dress is one of the great pleasures God has bestowed upon us. It truly is an art, and "AskAndyAboutclothes.com" might just be able to pull you out of your style-challenged universe. As a professional, you've got to be a little "clothes-minded."

Additionally, there is a fun debate raging about whether it is ever permissible to wear the beloved seersucker suit before Memorial Day. I've been pondering at what point in my career I can begin to wear the seersucker and not look like a complete idiot. You have to be at least somewhat professionally distinguished, and perhaps at least 30 years old to really pull it off.

Hat tip: Southern Appeal.


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