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Whig Thomists v. Augustinian Thomists

Browsing through the online symposium at Mirror of Justice dedicated to the contributions of Pope John Paul II to legal theory, I came across an interesting essay from the online web-zine, The New Pantagruel.

The writer, Jeremy Beer of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, both reviews an interesting book entitled "Culture and the Thomist Tradition," as well as provide a primer into the major intellectual debate within Catholicism. The "winner" will end up guiding the Church's response to economics and culture well into the 21st century. Since most of the cardinals represent some baptized, pro-life form of democratic socialism and are deeply deferential to the theological outlook of Cardinal Ratzinger (one of the Augustinian Thomists), it seems that this perspective will carry the day. The Whig Thomists, mostly American and Italian laypersons like George Weigel and Rocco Buttiglione, have a tough road ahead of them to undo the strength of the neo-Augustinian position.


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