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What to Do With Cardinal Law? - Rob Vischer Responds

Over at Mirror of Justice, Rob Vischer has a solid response to my complaints about folks overblowing Cardinal Law's role as a Mass celebrant during the novemdiales.

I think he is right in that this role seems to be one of honor primarily because it allows the preacher to state his case for what needs to happen in the Church in the context of pomp and decor. And I do like the Ken Lay analogy, but maybe this platform allows him to speak to the Church more universally than a "closed" meeting of cardinals. I guess it depends a large part on what he actually said, which we will have to wait for ZENIT, or some other news service, to release.

If Law wasted the opportunity, then the whole thing does get a little unseemly. But, I think my major concern is what I consider the largely unjust demonization of this man, and the media grandstanding by the spokespersons of the "survivors" groups that use their pals in the media to berate the Church and advance their Anglicizing agenda.

Thanks for your response, Rob.

UPDATE: It seems I completely missed this conversation about the issue over at Open Book. For all sorts of moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth (and some solid points as well), check it out.


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