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The Supposed Dichotomy Between Love and Truth

This dastardly phenomenon was exemplified perfectly by last week's Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial: Benedict XVI:Pastor or Enforcer?. The editorial stated that it remains to be seen whether he will be a "pastor" (i.e., submitting to the sex-focused agenda of the Left) or an "enforcer" (i.e., actually maintains the doctrine of the Church).

Like any good father, a pope should exercise his authority even when his children do not listen or obey. When a father caves to his children's demands, the children are usually not better off, and they've lost respect for their authority figure. Everyone loses.

Father James V. Schall has an article up at IgnatiusInsight.com entitled, "Suppose We Had a "Liberal" Pope." I think he gets it just right. The Church would lose all credibility as a moral authority and would become irrelevant, just as those who seek it to "change" want it to be. No one likes an inconvenient conscience. And that is the crux of the issue.


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Despite the sign-in name, this is not MJ Niemann, but SN Niemann, using MJ's computer because mine is fussy and taking a nap right now.

The secular media simply do not have categories in which to speak of the supernatural order of things. They don't even know that they don't know what they're talking about, as for example the headline you just cited. As if "enforcer" and "pastor" were two mutually exclusive things.

Joseph Bottum had a great piece in the Weekly Standard on this very seeming contradiction. But then, as the Great GK spent his career pointing out, Christianity is itself a religion of contradictions. And shouldn't that tip us off that it is supernatural? It's the natural order that is, for us, the most orderly, clear, and rational. If the supernatural were the same, it would be frighteningly difficult to know which was which.

We ought to go more on the offensive to help the media see that love and discipline go together, just like conservativism and compassion, like Catholicism and life of the mind...

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