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The Cardinal Law Saga ... Continued

Over at Open Book Amy Welborn has posted a number of stories relating to the imbroglio, including John Allen's reflections as well as a summary of the Mass said by Cardinal Law. It is all quite insightful, especially Allen's comments about the supposed lack of PR common sense by the Church:

"Finally, another illustration of the cultural gap: If the Vatican were at all sensitive to public relations in the conventional sense, they certainly would not have issued what was, in effect, an engraved invitation to the American press to resurrect the sex abuse story after a week of uninterruptedly positive coverage tied to the life and legacy of John Paul II. If the Vatican were a Fortune 500 corporation, someone in the public relations office would be out of work. Obviously, however, the Vatican simply does not think in these terms.

"On the other hand, from a PR point of view, the Vatican probably gets a free pass on this story, because by tomorrow speculation about the next pope will no doubt once again supplant the Law story, which will be no more than a tiny footnote to the week’s events. The larger issues it illustrates, on the other hand, are certainly not going away."


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