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If you are wondering who might succeed John Paul II, MSNBC has a nice listing of possible successors. While I hate to speculate, I would be shocked if the next Supreme Pontiff did not come from this list. However, as is tradition, go in to the conclave a pope, come out a cardinal. Do ignore the liberal/conservative labels that MSNBC attaches to the various cardinals, they are grossly inaccurate.

That being said, my reading of the tea leaves seems to point to an older, theologically conservative Latin American. However, there are a number of candidates who fit that description, so basically, it is an academic exercise.

OK, fine. Keep an eye on these four, along with my darkhorse pick:

1. Claudio Hummes, Brazil
2. Godfried Danneels, Belgium
3. Joseph Ratzinger, Germany
4. Dario Castrillon Hoyos, Columbia

Darkhorse: Wilfred Fox Napier, South Africa


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In that article they classified Cardinal Christoph Schonborn as a liberal. It am pretty sure that is not accurate at all. He was the managing editor of the Cathechism and I have never heard him queston any of the Church's teachings.

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