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New Zogby Poll on Terri Schiavo Says Americans Oppose Starvation

A new poll released today by Zogby noted that when phrased this way:

"If a disabled person is not terminally ill, not in a coma, and not being kept alive on life support, and they have no written directive, should or should they not be denied food and water?"

79 percent said yes, they should receive food and water, only 9 percent said no. Another 43 percent (to 39 percent) said that when someone has no health care directive, the law should err on the side of life.

So much for backlash against Republicans on the Schiavo case. Unfortunately, the media has spinned and framed this issue. This new poll will be all of the more reason for them to continue to distort facts.

Once again, ideology is the tie that blinds.


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