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Liberal Catholics Whip Themselves In Agony

The Fedster has pinned the tail on the proverbial ass of folks like Andrew Sullivan who continue to assault the church with their own personal affirmation agenda. Here is a quote from Sullivan's tantrum on the election of Pope Benedict XVI, followed by Feddie of Southern Appeal's "Me Creed" written in honor of Andrew:

Just a link to an interview I had with America, the Jesuit magazine, a while back. I've changed over the last decade. In the interview, I said I felt no anger toward the church. Obviously, I do now. What pushed me over the edge was the sex abuse crisis and the hierarchy's response to it. But I stand by my questions and by my faith. You know I wish in many ways I could simply leave this church, and say to hell with it. But I cannot. For one, I keep believing. This is not experienced as a choice. It is just my reality. When I read the Gospels, they speak the truth to me. When in the past, I have been at Mass, I have felt as a reality the presence of God. As I sometimes tell people, I can say the creed at mass with very few reservations. But believing in the basic creed is not enough any more. We are required to assent in every way to every papal pronouncement, even if it belies what one can see with one's own eyes and see in one's own experience. Ratzinger's elevation means that will be even more stringently enforced. Even then, according to the new Pope, my conscience is not valid. To ratchet the rack still further, we are forbidden from even discussing changes that we sincerely believe may be essential for keeping the Church alive. This is my family. I can no more divorce myself from it than I can my biological mother. And today, many parts of that family are reeling with grief and anger and despair. If the insular cardinals believe that they have helped save the faith in the West, I fear they are mistaken. They may have ensured its final death rattle.

Mr. Sullivan, you divorced yourself from the Catholic Church a long time ago. Go ahead and make it official. And then you can start the Church of Andrew Sullivan, and adopt the Me Creed:

I believe in myself.
I believe that whatever I wish to do is good, pure, and beyond question.
I believe there are no absolutes in life, and no objective truths.
I believe a person's chief aim in life should be sexual gratification in whatever form one chooses.
I believe in the beauty of self-centeredness.
I believe nothing is more important than me and my perceived happiness.
I believe that anyone who questions the morality of my actions is an unenlightened bigot.
I believe that promiscuity should be celebrated.
I believe that one's sexuality should pervade every aspect of one's being.
I believe in using my membership in the Roman Catholic Church as a pretense for criticizing and undermining the Church's fundamental teachings.
I believe that everything should be tolerated, except for religious orthodoxy.
I believe I am the center of the universe, and that a 2,000 year old institution should change its fundamental teaching on homosexuality so I can feel better about myself and less guilty about my destructive lifestyle choice.


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Amen! Here in Cleveland, Ohio, we have the 2005 "Pulitzer Prize" newspaper columnist just in a nastry snit about Benedict 16th. Her venom drips from the page. Big question: can she really be a Roman Catholic with such hatred? I think not!

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