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Jesus Sold On eBay

I've heard stories of people keeping consecrated hosts as souvenirs, usually because they don't know any better, but this posting on eBay gives new meaning to the word simony.

Fist of all, I AM NOT CATHOLIC AND DO NOT BELIEVE I'M GOING TO HELL FOR SELLING THIS COLLECTIBLE. So, if you're going to send me a message saying that I am don't waist your time because it'll just be deleted w/o being read. It's a momento from that great afternoon with Pope John Paul II. Yes, this is the actual Eucharist I saved during the mass that I participated in on October 18th, 1998. I ate one wafer then I went back and got another one to save and he gave me another one, but I did get a very dirty look! I was studying in Florence that semester and a bunch of us went down to Rome that week to partake. I'm not Catholic, but I found it all very interesting. Along with the Eucharist, I have the program from that day and a litte bulletin. It's all in Italian. I also have 4 stamps from the Vatican that year and a bottle opener that I bought when I was in Rome way back in 1992. From what I understand, if you're holding something in your hand during a certain moment when Pope John Paul II spoke during his mass, whetever it becomes blessed. I was holding this bottle opener during mass with him in 1992. It has his picture on one side and a picture of the Trevi Fountain on the other. Everything from 1998 (Eucharist, bulletin, program, and stamps, have been encased in plastic in my stratch book since then and have not had much light and no air. All in awesome condition and I believe extrememly rare for obvious reasons. I've included a pic of 2 pics I took that day in 1998 when I was there. The front of St. Peter's was already being cleaned up for the big 2000 festivities and my other pic would have been great instead for my friend's hand in the way! I would like to sell them as a package but would consider seperate offers. These truly are great pieces of history!

The item has sold, not for 20 pieces of silver, but for $2,000.

We have much work to do to evangelize on the Real Presence!


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