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How Pope Benedict XVI became "Enforcer of the Faith"

With the recent election of Pope Benedict XVI, stories have been swirling about how he is "the Enforcer of the Faith." But how did he get this title? It comes primarily from the first biography released by John L. Allen of the National Catholic Reporter. The reviews of the book on Amazon indicate left-leaning Allen's view of the Church colors his account of Ratzinger. No wonder the press is primarily focused on portarying Benedict XVI as a power-brokering enforcer of doctrine, imposing his will from the untouchable CDF.

One of Ratzinger's former students had an informed critique of Allen's biography that was published in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review and provides more personal insights into our new pope.

On a slightly different note, a friend of mine commented after hearing the news that Ratzinger would become pope that, "Ignatius Press will make a fortune." With exclusive rights to his works in English (at least at one point in time) he is probably right.


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