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Did You Know That JP II Destroyed the Church?

So says Thomas Cahill in today's New York Times.

This article borders on the absurd in its falsifications, inaccuracies, and distortions. It is a harbinger of what is to come on Friday afternoon, after the funeral for the Holy Father is completed and his body is interred in the crypt of St. Peter's.

Then, we will have to listen to a rendition of John Shelby Spong's "The Church Must Change or Die." For all of their supposed global perspective, secular media and liberal Catholic commentators think the concerns of brie and chardonnay liberals and lukewarm Christians (of whatever denomination) and American ones at that, should have the ultimate say in the direction of the Church. Of course, because they are so brilliant! Once again, with this aging boomer generation, it is all about them and what they want.

As many commentators have noted, in discussions about particular church teachings and whether they should change, no mention is made of Jesus, the Bible, or Sacred Tradition. What is correct is what the majority of American liberals and lukewarm Christians believe it to be, and those out of touch leaders should listen up. Since when has "being in touch" been an important element of Christianity? Why hasn't anyone noticed that the most "relevant" churches to the concerns of the liberal media and their condom-crazed friends are dying out, physically and spiritually. Has anyone not made the connection? Or perhaps, that is the point. Maybe when the Church buys into secularist dogma, it will make itself irrelevant, and then can be ignored.

Unfortunately for them, John Paul II has reinvigorated a Church that cannot be ignored. And once the good feelings die down because of popular sentiment, it will be open season on his legacy as a new pontiff is chosen.

Brace yourself.


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Comments (2)


The truth is, JPII destroyed Cahill's church. In the landslide after Vatican II, during the end of Paul VI's papacy, many losers like Cahill, Gary Wills and prominent American liberals thought they were on the verge of "modernizing" the Church, freeing it from the confines of Scripture and Tradition. JPII did not suddenly stop that movement, but by sheer force of will and longevity slowly destroyed that view from the inside out by showing that the Church is vital and facing the real issues of the day.

As I have noted elsewhere on this fine blog, no serious Catholic should get their primary information and accounts about the Church, JPII and related matters from the MSM. After two generations of relentless marginalization of religion from the public square, they no longer even have the vocabulary to reasonably discuss one of the towering figures of this, the Seventh Age.

Jason A.:

Amen! Har Har! Here Here!

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