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AP Says Ratzinger Gaining Support Among Cardinals!

This definitely means he won't be pope. And why do Italian newspapers have sources saying that Ratzinger already has a solid voting bloc of 50 cardinals? Where do they get this information? Who is leaking, or is it just talk, like Italians are wont to do?


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Apparently the AP has become aware of the secret papal succession protocol promulgated at the Council of Trent that specifies a double elimination Indian-leg wrestling tournament to establish a new supreme pontiff. Though Ratzinger is past his prime, his Teutonic frame still has a five or six inch height advantage over the more diminutive Latin American contenders. And you can forget the under-fed Indian and African pretenders. Ratzinger has been stomping heresy and kicking liberal behinds for 25 years. It will take a manly Italian (if there is such a thing) to defeat him.

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