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The Growing Catholic-Evangelical Alliance

Keeping up on their new "conservative beat," the New York Times has this article chronicling the "culture of life" alliance being nourished by evangelical and Catholic leaders.

Interestingly, it notes the divergence of views over the death penalty. Even Rick Santorum said that he had moved closer to the Pope's position on this issue. But how authoritative is the pope's position on this issue? Yes, I understand the argument that it does not foster a culture of life and is inhumane, but I wish someone would make a better defense of the anti-death penalty stance from a theological or philsophical point of view. I am against the death penalty, but only for prudential reasons such as the incapability of courts to handle capital cases as well as the way it poisons trials and court systems.

Articles like this one by J. Budziszewski, entitled Capital Punishment: The Case for Justice leave me more convinced that the death penalty is morally justified on a theoretical level.

Additionally, isn't the lesson of a movie like "Dead Man Walking" that his repentence was spurred only by the prospect of being executed? Wouldn't he have remained stubborn and obstinate if it were not for the imminent punishment?

Definitely a tough issue.


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