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Terri Schiavo Update

Here is the latest word on the ground in the Terri Schiavo case:

I just got off the phone with Br. Anthony of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace -- Br. Paul and Br. Hilary report that what is MOST needed now is to call the Florida DCF to get them to take Terri Schiavo into protective custody. This is most needed because, Br. Anthony reports, that EVEN if the legislature in Florida passes in time, it must go for a "judicial review" before being able to be used in Terri's case -- and guess which judge is responsible for that judicial review? Of course - Judge Greer himself, the judge who has been solely responsible for every denial of every single effort on behalf of Terri's life and dignity.
So even if the legislature passes, which would be good and would protect innocent lives in the future, it will likely not be enough to save Terri's life by itself, unless Judge Greer has an amazing St. Paul-like conversion of heart (pray for this!).
The FBPs see the ONLY option at this point, that will directly save Terri's life, is for the Florida DCF to take her into custody while they investigate abuse.
Please contact the DCF, again and again if necessary! Only they, short of direct divine intervention, can save Terri now.
Their number is 850-488-4855.

Hat Tip to Mary Gibson at Veritatis Splendor for the report.


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Is this Greer the freakin' Emperor of Florida? Why does every single motion and appeal inside and outside Terri's case end up in front of him?


Wait a minute. Isn't the DCF an executive office in Florida? Jeb Bush needs to get on the phone and expend some political capital. Those people work for him, and he is elected to oversee such offices.

Apparently, the way that the judicial system works in FL (and maybe throughout the country?) is such that in this cases, the judge can only be removed from the case if he recuses *himself* -- apparently, if the judge doesn't want to remove himself from the case, no one else can either. I know no more than this on it, one would think that there should be some form of appeal to a higher court at least, but... Craziness. Sheer craziness.

Btw, if you are not calling from the state of Florida, do not tell the DCF (unless they ask directly I guess) that you are non-FL residents... apparently a few people have gotten the cold shoulder from them after saying they are from Minnesota or Wisconsin or wherever...

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