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Scalia a "Disastrous Choice" for Chief says NY Times

Today's NY Times has an editorial condemning the jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia as one that would deny people "basic rights." If Scalia were to have his way, we would all be subject to the whim of legislators. Oh, the horror. If we didn't like the law, we'd have to take some effort to change it and convince others of our position, rather than have five justices enforce it by dictate. The NY Times would rather have us be subject to the whim of Anthony Kennedy. What if he and Sandy O'Connor decided they were wrong on abortion? What would the Times say then?

Rather than subjecting Scalia's jurisprudence to reasoned criticism, the Times has to scare people with an imaginary parade of horribles. The Times must not be very confident in the reasonableness of their own position (or have contempt for their readers) that they must scare people rather than convince them.

Interestingly, the New Yorker has an interview with one of its writers who has written a lengthy feature on Scalia for the March 28, 2005 issue. The article is not available on line, but the online interview is quite good and very fair. This reporter actually took time to know her subject, rather than rely on myth and hyperbole. Kudos to them.


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