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Protestants Discover the Blessed Virgin Mary?


This story is on the cover of Time Magazine this week. Sign of the apocalypse? I am not going to chalk this up to a slow news period.

Once again, I think we should attribute this phenomenon to the thaw in Catholic-Evangelical relations since the mid-1980s pursued by such men as Fr. Richard J. Neuhaus and Chuck Colson. The continuing conversation, which started when conservative Christians realized they needed to work together in the policy arena, has produced much fruit. Catholics are learning effective evangelization techniques, and many Protestants are rediscovering the depth and beauty of the Christian tradition in all its fulness, including devotion to the BVM. Ecumencial and Interreligious dialogue is evangelization.

To see the ongoing fruit of this coversation, read the latest statement of Evangelicals and Catholics Together.


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Mel Gibson should also get partial credit for this welcome development, because his treatment of Mary in "The Passion of the Christ" opened a lot of eyes for our separated bretheren.

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