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Pawlenty for President?

Such is the buzz these days surrounding our tremendously underwhelming governor, Tim Pawlenty. It seems that he has booked Karl Rove to come in for a fundraiser, and that Rove specifically requested to work with Pawlenty rather than the state GOP.

I will continue to comment on the meteoric rise of our very kind and good governor, who, unfortunately has supported projects like new casinos, a branch campus of the University of Minnesota in Rochester and has been pretty non-committal on a state marriage amendment and new abortion restrictions.

This blog also wonders why a far superior politician, Norm Coleman, has been not been talked up as presidential timber.


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I'm not arguing with you, but I'm curious to know why you think Coleman is superior to Pawlenty. Are you talking experience or positions on issues? Just curious.

Jason A.:

I think Coleman would be a superior candidate because he is a better public speaker, more charismatic, and he's a solid conservative on the most important issues -- judges, abortion, and marriage. I don't think Pawlenty is as ideologically wedded to conservative ideals as Coleman. I think Pawlenty is a very fine man and highly intelligent, but he is not my first choice as the GOP nominee. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see whether he can even be reelected in a two-person race with a solid challenger, no backlash from the Wellstone death debacle, and what will most likely be a stronger year for Democrats nationwide. He could easily go down, as may Rick Santorum.


Conventional wisdom might say it is tougher for one with a Senate record to win the presidency. Therefore if both of them were going to run, I'd have to agree that now is the time for Coleman and later is the time for Pawlenty. Coleman's voting record in 2012 will likely be much uglier.

It would be interesting to see how much Coleman's baggage might creep into a candidacy, though. Will his switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party be a hinderance or an advantage for him? I think there's some other baggage that I don't really wish to bring up, but that I bet would be brought up at that time.

Jason A.:

Prescient insight into our junior senator, fellow Catholic Minnesotan blogger. Cheers!

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