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Korn Guitarist Turns Christian

Raunchy heavy metal rocker Brian "Head" Welch has had a conversion to christianty, and is taking it pretty seriously.

This week he was baptized in the Jordan River, and is trying to settle in to his new found faith. He is still Brian Welch though:

He’s commemorated his new beliefs by having "Jesus" tattooed across his knuckles and "Matthew 11:28" inked right across his neck. And while we don’t like to throw around terms like "messiah complex" in the face of this guy’s newfound happiness, he’s also announced plans to release some pretty interesting solo music in the future.

"My songs are God saying things to me, him talking to people. He’s going to use me to heal people and people are going to be drawn to it," he told AP. "Just watch, they will be."

Needless to say there are some stunned folks in MTV land.

I know an old friend of mine used to pray daily for Madonna's reversion to Catholicism. Maybe she'll be next?


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